“Palestine Papers” continued (2000-2007)

Posted: January 27, 2011 by Rex Brynen in Palestine papers, peace process

al-Jazeera has just uploaded a large batch of additional material from the leaked “Palestine papers,” and here is a quick PRRN read of what is of significance on the refugee issue. I’ve only had a chance to review the new papers up until the end of 2007 so far—I’ll have a look at the others soon. Nothing in the batch below is particularly interesting at all, and a few items were already in the public domain.

1 May 2000: Framework Agreement on Permanent Status: Pre-Camp David Draft

  • A pre-Camp David “Is and Ps” discussion draft of Israeli and Palestinian positions, although the text also notes that it doesn’t fully reflect the Palestinian position.

25 October 2000: NSU Draft Memo Re: FAPS

  • A post-Camp daft outline by the NSU of elements that should be contained within a Framework Agreement on Permanent Status, including the refugee issue

23 December 2000: Clinton Parameters

  • Summary of the meeting where President Clinton presented the two sides with the so-called “Clinton Parameters.” This material has already been widely published.

2 January 2001: NSU Memo Re: President Clinton’s Proposals

  • NSU analysis of the Clinton Parameters, very negative on the refugee component for avoiding the “right of return” and gutting UNGAR 194 of its meaning.

21 January 2001: Handwritten notes from Taba negotiations

  • Some discussion of refugee issue in plenary session.

23 January 2001: Non-Paper: Palestinian Refugee Problem

  • al-Jazeera has wrongly dated this as 21 December 2001–it is actually a draft of the Israeli non-paper from the Taba negotiations, which is already been published.

23 January 2001: Meeting Minutes: Taba Summit – Plenary Session

  • Summary of where negotiations stand, including summary of the work of the refugee committee by Yossi Beilin and Nabil Shaath.

13 June 2001: Refugees, Refugee Compensation and Compensation for the Occupation

  • An internal NSU ideas paper on international involvement with compensation issues.

post-March, 2002: FAPS based on API

  • This appears to be an effort to draw up a Framework Agreement on Permanent Status based on the 2001 Arab Peace Initiative. The authorship is unclear.

12 June 2002: Non-Paper: Palestinian Vision of Camp David Based on Arab Peace Plan

  • Authorship not clear—a very vague and general statement of basic principles for an agreement, based on the API.

14 April 2004: Text of Bush Letter to Sharon

  • Already in the public domain, this letter includes Bush’s assurance that Palestinian refugees would be resettled in a future Palestinian state, not Israel.

17 January 2007: NSU Talking Points for Meeting between Abbas and MacKay

  • Palestinian side expresses concern at pro-Israeli shift in some Canadian policies to Canadian Foreign Minister, and briefly addresses possible Canadian role on refugee issue.

28 January 2007: Letter from Erekat to MacKay Re: Refugees Position

  • Palestinians express concern at recent Canadian statements on the refugee issue.

5 September 2007: NSU Memo on Aix Papers

  • NSU commentary on draft Aix group papers on Palestinian economy and refugees. It notes that the NSU’s current working figure for Palestinian refugee reparations is $150 billion.

16 September 2007: Proposed Permanent Status Parameters

  • Brief NSU paper on the main parameters for a permanent status agreement, including refugees.

23 September 2007: NSU Memo Re: Palestinian Refugees Absorbed into Israel Since 1948

  • NSU paper highlighting Palestinian refugees previously absorbed into Israel.

27 September 2007: PLO Draft Declaration of Principles – September 2007

  • Draft PLO position on a statement of principles for the Annapolis negotiations, including refugees.

15 October 2007: Minutes from 2nd Negotiation Team Meeting (pre-Annapolis)

  • Brief discussion of refugee issue.

12 November 2007: Minutes from 7th Negotiation Team Meeting (pre-Annapolis)

  • Brief discussion of refugee issue.

13 November 2007: Minutes from 8th Negotiation Team Meeting (pre-Annapolis)

  • Brief discussion of refugee issue.

13 November 2007: NSU Memo Re: Precondition of Recognizing Israel as a “Jewish State”

  • NSU memo recommending against recognition of Israel as a “Jewish state” but offering a number of alternative formulations that might be acceptable.

18 November 2007: NSU Draft Language on Core Issues

  • Includes brief discussion of key refugee phraseology.

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