IPS: CFP on “Towards Engaged and Responsible Research: The Case of the Palestinian Refugee Camps of Lebanon”

Posted: July 15, 2015 by Rex Brynen in conferences, Lebanon

Call for Papers: Towards Engaged and Responsible Research: The Case of the Palestinian Refugee Camps of Lebanon Workshop

18-19 March 2016, Institute for Palestine Studies, Beirut, Lebanon

Submission deadline: 31 August 2015


The Israel-Palestine conflict is one of the most protracted conflicts of our time and has produced one of the largest refugee crises in contemporary history. In the continued absence of a political solution Palestinian refugees remain in exile for over six decades. Reflecting the importance of this longstanding and fundamental crisis, the academic study of Palestinian refugees generated, and continues to generate, a large body of knowledge across a variety of disciplinary fields. In contrast little research has been devoted to investigate the state of academic research and its impact on the researched community. This workshop will focus on the study of the Palestinian refugee camps of Lebanon which have been, and continue to be, one of the most coveted sites of fieldwork for researchers year after year and decade after decade. It will convene scholars and community workers to probe three inter- related themes.

1. The state of academic research

What is the current state of academic research on Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon? How has research evolved over time? Is it possible to outline certain trends? Are researchers focusing on certain topics and leaving others unexamined? Are there gaps to be filled? What directions should future scholarship take?

2. Research impact

How has research, spanning several decades, affected the Palestinian community? What responsibilities do researchers carry towards the researched community in under-privileged conditions? Are there strategic intersections between activism and research in Palestinian camps? What challenges or
dilemmas does it give rise to? What are the different models, experiences and potentials of activist- research that have emerged in this context? Are there lessons to be learned from other places?

3. New forms of research/knowledge production

What new forms of research are emerging in Palestinian camps? Are these practices challenging traditional roles of researchers in marginalized contexts? Are they exploring new forms of knowledge production and targeting new audiences for their research?

The workshop will be in both English and Arabic. Speakers will be given 20 minutes to discuss their papers and a 40 minutes Q&A session will follow at the end of their panel.

To apply, please email perla@palestine-studies.org with the following information:

  • Your name, position, and institutional affiliation.
  • The title of your paper.
  • An abstract of your proposed paper (up to 500 words). Make sure to include your paper’s main
  • A short biography – not exceeding 100 words.

Please put ‘IPS research workshop submission’ in the subject line. Submissions can be either in English or Arabic. The deadline for submitting paper proposals is 31 August 2015. Submissions will be reviewed and selected participants will be notified by 30 September 2015.

The selected presenters are required to submit a draft paper of 4,000 to 5,000 words by the 31 January 2016.

If you wish to attend the workshop without presenting a paper, please email your request to perla@palestine-studies.org. Please include your name and affiliation and please put ‘IPS research workshop attendee’ in the subject line.

The Institute for Palestine Studies, founded in Beirut in 1963, is an independent nonprofit Arab research and publication center that is not affiliated to any political organization or government.


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