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The BBC’s John Donnison has released the audio of an interview today with IDF spokesperson Peter Lerner regarding the attack on the UN school in Beit Hanoun on July 24. You’ll find the audio here—listen to it.

The interview is striking in several respects:

  • Lerner almost entirely focuses on a single mortar strike in the then-empty courtyard of the school. He is unable to explain why the video isn’t longer, or time-stamped, nor does he address why no video has been presented showing the casualties and evacuation.
  • He acknowledges the school might have also been hit in other crossfire, but it is clear from his comments and previous statements that the IDF has offered no real investigation of the school being hit at other times by other weapons, or addressed evidence of heavier calibre hits (possibly direct fire from tanks, as refugees reported) on the north face of the building.
  • Stunningly, he suggests that—despite scores of eyewitness reports, not to mention the bloody evidence at the school itself—that no one was injured there the school at all, and that instead the casualties were all brought in from elsewhere.

Who exactly shot what, where, and when does remain murky, as we’ve discussed in detail in our ongoing analysis of the incident here at PRRN. However, for Lerner to suggest that no one was actually injured at the school at all is simply mind-numbingly irresponsible.

Lerner has apparently suggested something similar to CNN: