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Lebanese MTV mocks Palestinian refugee rights

Posted: February 5, 2012 by Rex Brynen in Lebanon
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Lebanon’s MTV (Murr Television–unrelated to the US music channel MTV) recently broadcast a skit by the “comedy” troupe Ktir Salbe mocking efforts to improve the situation of Palestinian refugees in the country.

كتير سلبي أنه الكل عم يحكوا عن حقوق الفلسطيني بلبنان، مع العلم أنه اللبناني ما حدا عم يحكي عن حقوقه
Ktir salbeh that everyone is talking about the rights of the Palestinians in Lebanon but no one is talking about the rights of the Lebanese.

كتير سلبي أنه تلت أرباع شبابنا مهاجرين وتلت أرباع اماتنا عم تبكي من شوقهن لولادهن
Ktir salbeh that the majority of our youth immigrated and the majority of our mums are crying because they miss their children.

بينما موضوع ملف توطين الفلسطينيين صار موضوع على نار حامية ويمكن صار أمر واقع… عرؤوسنا
meanwhile the issue of the settlement of Palestinians is now boiling and maybe it is falling fact.. on our heads.

كتير سلبي أنه فلسطين ما تعود للفلسطينيين بس اللي سلبي بعد أكتر أنه لبنان ما يعود بس للبنانيين
Ktir salbeh that Palestine stops being for Palestinians but what is more salbeh is that Lebanon stops being only for the Lebanese.

كتير سلبي أنه ينحكى عن حق تملك الفلسطينيين بلبنان شقة بالوقت اللي اذا اللبناني لاقى شقة ما معه يدفع حقها
Ktir salbeh that we’re discussing the right of Palestinians to own flats in Lebanon while when the Lebanese find a flat, they can’t afford to pay for it.

كتير سلبي أنه لبنان بس يحمل همّ الفلسطيني بالوقت اللي أكترية الدول العربية الباقية ما بدها تدفع فلس لأنها مش من هالطينة
Ktir salbeh that only the Lebanese worry about the Palestinians while most of the other Arab countries don’t want to pay a penny because they’re not made out of this.

The transcript above is via a report yesterday in al-Akhbar, which goes on to comment:

One wonders if any of these people on MTV have ever entered a Palestinian refugee camp. As one tweep remarked “The way these people are talking on MTV you’d think Palestinians in Lebanon lived in palaces and it was the Lebanese who lived in refugee camps.” About 400,000 Palestinians live in overcrowded refugee camps all over Lebanon, while being denied their basic civil rights.

The most depressing thing is that this is not the first time that MTV has aired blatantly racist content. Facebook is full of angry people commenting on how MTV represents people from Lebanon’s city of Baalbak in the Bekaa valley as insane violent farmers.

Less than two months ago, MTV aired a distressing and highly dangerous report on how “foreigners” are the main reason behind crimes in the Christian neighborhood of Burj Hammoud. The report fails to mention that the Christians in Burj Hammoud, who are mostly of Armenian descent, were once foreigners and refugees as well. The area should have been celebrated for welcoming other communities instead of demonizing them and spreading sectarian fear and xenophobic hate.

Ktir Salbeh has recently made fun of migrant domestic workers. When interviewed by Now Lebanon this week, the show’s director Hani Khafsheh claimed that the critics do not understand the program’s sense of humour. He also tried hiding behind the double meaning of the wordsalbeh by claiming that here it was used as “negative.” As activists rightfully told Now Lebanon, “racism is not funny.”

Not funny indeed.