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CEPAL Winter 2012 newsletter

Posted: February 27, 2012 by Rex Brynen in Lebanon

CEPAL—the Canadian Palestinian Educational Exchange—has just published their Winter 2012 newsletter, with information on their continuing volunteer program. CEPAL works  to assist Palestinian refugees in Lebanon by:

  • Providing English language training in refugee camps to help Palestinian children and youth pass elementary and secondary school requirements
  • Promoting  a love of learning and confidence among Palestinian children and youth through active learning
  • Creating opportunities for Canadians to learn more about the plight of refugees in Lebanon through awareness raising activities in Canada

You’ll find the newsletter here. I know a number of students who have participated in the CEPAL volunteer program over the years, and they have all found it deeply rewarding.

The Canadian-Palestinian Educational Exchange (CEPAL), which sends volunteers to teach language classes to Palestinian children and youth in Lebanon, is looking for volunteers for its Fall 2011 programme.