UNRWA: Syria crisis situation update (Issue 51)

Posted: June 20, 2013 by Rex Brynen in Syria, UNRWA


UNRWA has issued its latest Syria crisis situation update (16 June 2013):

UNRWA continues to deliver essential services and emergency assistance in a challenging environment characterized by unpredictable and repeated displacement of refugees, damage to UNRWA facilities and detention of staff in Syria. The Agency now requires a total of USD 199.4 million to respond to growing needs in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. USD 150 million of this figure will be used to provide urgent humanitarian assistance inside Syria. At least 44,000 refugee homes have been damaged by conflict, and over half of all registered Palestine refugees are now displaced, either within Syria or to neighbouring countries. Approximately 235,000 refugees are displaced within Syria and a further 69,343 have approached UNRWA for assistance in Lebanon and Jordan. UNRWA is also tracking reports of Palestine refugees from Syria in Egypt, Turkey and Gaza.

UNRWA facilities have also been damaged, and 57 schools and 11 health centres require urgent repairs. 13 Agency staff are currently being detained or have been reported missing, and 21 Agency vehicles have also been stolen. Approximately 8,300 refugees are currently being provided shelter in 19 UNRWA facilities, and many more are being provided accommodation in refugee camp communities….
You’ll find the full situation update here.

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