UNRWA Gaza Summer Fun Weeks 2013

Posted: June 16, 2013 by Rex Brynen in Gaza, UNRWA

UNRWA has been able to run summer activities again this year in Gaza, after having to suspend them in 2012.

Summer Fun Weeks 2013 for refugee children in Gaza begin 

15 June 2013


Thanks to a generous donation from the Government of Finland, on Saturday 15 June the gates were opened to start the UNRWA Summer Fun Weeks 2013.

Between 15 June and 4 July, 150,000 children are expected to participate in an array of activities from football to kite flying and inflatable toys to traditional games. The activities are specifically designed to encourage creativity and provide relief from the pressure and challenges of daily life, giving the children the support they require and deserve growing up in Gaza.

“These weeks of fun, sports and games are tremendously important for the psychosocial wellbeing of the refugee children of Gaza”, says Scott Anderson, deputy director of UNRWA operations in Gaza, “Being able to do all this with friends in a safe environment is unfortunately not normally an option.”

With over half of Gaza’s population under the age of 18, UNRWA’s Summer Fun Weeks are a much needed break from the harsh reality of the environment and are therapeutic for children living under a crippling blockade and scarred by poverty and violence.

The 2011 version looked something like this:

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