The Lancet: Palestinian (refugee) health

Posted: October 8, 2012 by Rex Brynen in refugee health, UNRWA

The Lancet has today published a series of research paper abstracts, based on a conference earlier this year in Beirut with the Palestinian Health Alliance.

In March, 2012, The Lancet-Palestinian Health Alliance met in Beirut to report findings about the health status of a people dispersed across refugee camps, occupied territory, and land under violent siege. Here we publish 32 abstracts that were presented at that conference. These abstracts outline an extraordinary picture of Palestinian life.

Next year, the Alliance will gather once again with the aim of strengthening and expanding the capacity of Palestinian scientists to study, report, and advocate for the health of their own people. We also hope that these annual events can act as a mechanism to hold all those who share responsibility for the state of Palestinian health accountable for their legal obligations and sometimes also their illegal acts and policies.

About one-third of these explicitly address the situation of refugees.

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