Video documentary: The Great Book Robbery

Posted: May 7, 2012 by Rex Brynen in Israel, new items and opinion pieces, new publications
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A new documentary on one aspect Palestinian dispossession will air soon on al-Jazeera English:

New Documentary Reveals Looting of 70,000 Palestinian Books During Israel’s Creation

May 7th, 2012 – The Great Book Robbery, a new film from director Benny Brunner that tells the story of the looting of 70,000 Palestinian books during the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, will have its world premiere on Al Jazeera English’s WITNESS strand on May 9th.

Five years in the making, the 48-minute film interweaves various story lines in a structure that is dramatically compelling and emotionally unsettling. The film’s interviews center on eyewitness accounts and cultural critiques that place the book plunder affair in a larger historical cultural context.

The Great Book Robbery sheds new light on the Palestinian tragedy of 1948, also known as the Nakba (or “catastrophe”), when some 725,000 Palestinians were dispossessed to make way for a Jewish-majority Israeli state. In the intervening years, Israel has constructed a moralistic and heroic narrative of the 1948 war. The film aims to deconstruct this imperial history and to prevent this story from fading into oblivion by passing it on to future generations.

The Great Book Robbery was produced by 2911 Foundation and Xela Films in association with Al Jazeera English. The film’s teaser can be watched here.

For journalists wishing to preview the film, please contact 2911 Foundation at

Contact Information:
Karina Goulordava: T. 717-448-8970 (U.S.)
Benny Brunner: T. +31 6 15071167

——————Al Jazeera English Network Screening Times——————
Wednesday, May 9th:    15:00 EST (US)     20:00 GMT (Europe)
Thursday, May 10th:     07:00 EST (US)     12:00 GMT (Europe)
Friday, May 11th:          20:00 EST (US)     01:00 GMT (Europe)
Saturday, May 12th:      01:00 EST (US)     06:00 GMT (Europe)
Sunday, May 13th:        15:00 EST (US)     20:00 GMT (Europe)
Monday, May 14th:       07:00 EST (US)     12:00 GMT (Europe)
Tuesday, May 15th:      20:00 EST (US)     01:00 GMT (Europe)
Wednesday, May 16th: 01:00 EST (US)     06:00 GMT (Europe)

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