Implementing an agreed solution to the Palestinian refugee issue

Posted: November 2, 2011 by Rex Brynen in conferences, new research, peace process

In a recent blog post on last month’s Chatham House meeting on Palestinian refugee issues in Minster Lovell, I noted that:

The session on implementation mechanisms was anchored by an excellent presentation on the issues involved, summarizing the work of a multi-year project undertaken by a major international organization. The most difficult and complicated elements of this concerned any future compensation refugees, with the presenters underscoring the difficulty of sorting out multi-generational claims (for example, what inheritance laws would apply if claimants live in multiple legal jurisdictions) as well the substantial risk that available resources fall far short of refugee expectations.

The authors of that report, Norbert Wühler and Heike Niebergall, have made a pdf copy of their presentation slides available. You can download them here, or by clicking the image above. The work was largely financed by the International Development Research Centre.

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