Plagiarism for Palestine—update

Posted: September 27, 2011 by Rex Brynen in feedback

I recently reported that a 2010 paper by the Aix Group had plagiarized large amounts of material from my work, and possibly from that of other scholars. Arie Arnon was quick to both email and call me with apologies, and Saeb Bamya also emailed with an apology and explanation:

It is with great concern that we read your post of September 12th. After making a preliminary examination we discovered that the error had originated in the submissions of one of the junior interns who helped in preparing some of the surveys back in 2008\9. In spite of repeated readings done by several of the Aix Group’s senior researchers, none caught the serious errors that you noticed. It did not occur to the readers that even a young intern will not understand the basic conventions of writing.

We are shocked and sorry for the unfortunate result. We agree that this should not have happened. We will do our best to insure that all those involved in our work will submit original work, as expected, and that those supervising the work will check and recheck every submission. Meanwhile we decided to take the paper off the site until we correct it.

Aix Group

The Palestinian Coordinator

I accept both the explanation and the apologies. However, the incident also highlights the importance of vigilance in maintaining professional research standards.

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