Gaza kids break a new record

Posted: July 17, 2011 by Rex Brynen in Gaza, UNRWA, West Bank

As part of this year’s UNRWA Summer Games, the kids of Gaza have broken yet another world record:

The children of Gaza today set their second Guinness World Record in as many weeks, for the largest number of footballs dribbled simultaneously. In an event organised by UNRWA as part of its 2011 Gaza Summer Games programme, 2,011 children gathered in Kherbit El-Addas, Rafah, to attempt the record breaker.

The event took place just a few miles from the Khan Younis stadium, where two weeks ago 3,500 children broke the world record for the largest number of parachute games.

“Today, I want to congratulate the children of Gaza once again for their second world record in two weeks,” said Christer Nordahl, UNRWA’s acting director of operations in Gaza.

Meanwhile in the West Bank, UNRWA has launched its summer camps with a “Europe” theme, courtesy of funding from the European Union. I can’t help but imagine this means that the kids all get together and complain about US diplomacy while bickering over a watered-down consensus statement with little practical effect, or possibly all have fun bailing each other out from dangerously high levels of fiscal overstretch. It sounds almost as fun as dribbling footballs!

OK, I jest—I’m sure they had a great time too. You’ll find lots more great pictures of UNRWA’s 2011 Summer Games on the UNRWA Facebook page.

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