The Great UNRWA Logo Conspiracy continues!

Posted: July 13, 2011 by Rex Brynen in conspiracies, quite a bit of well-deserved sarcasm, UNRWA

The PRRN blog must apologize to all of its readers for having accidentally mislead them as to the fate of the Great UNRWA Logo Conspiracy. We had though that the return of “Rwa” to the UNRWA website would have resolved the issue.

Apparently not.

What we failed to appreciate is that by revising its website header to mention that it is the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, UNRWA is apparently actually conspiring to mislead the public by cunningly responding to the protesters demands that it not conspire by not mentioning the “Relief and Works Agency” in its online logo.

Confused? Fortunately, Hamas makes the whole thing clear in an incisive analysis reported by al-Resaleh News:

GAZA, (– Hamas said Tuesday that UNRWA’s restoring the words “relief” and “works” to its official website was “inaccurate,” also calling the move “an attempt to mislead public opinion.”

The group added that the step, which was made after the name change caused public outcry, was part of a plot to evade moral responsibility concerning the Palestinian refugees.

Mushir al-Masri, who heads the Hamas bloc on the Palestinian Legislative Council, said in press conference that the Palestinian government and Hamas were making extensive contacts at home and abroad concerning the name change issue and have been consulting on subsequent steps.

He said that messages have been received from states that sponsor the UNRWA that they did not know about the change and that the move exceeded the powers vested in the body by the UN General Assembly.

The name change triggered massive protests in the Gaza Strip as Palestinians suspect the removal of “relief works” from the UN Relief Works Agency’s name came at a time when the agency’s budget was suspiciously sharply reduced.

“That is because the agency earmarked the budget for secondary matters and not key matters related to relief and works of the refugees,” Masri said.

Clearer now?

  1. UNRWA modified its online website header two years ago.
  2. Hamas and a few protesters (who apparently only just noticed) condemned this as an evil plot, and demanded that the logo include “Relief and Works Agency.”
  3. UNRWA did that.
  4. Hamas condemned UNRWA’s decision to do what was asked of it as an evil plot.

Really, we couldn’t make this up.

Coming soon: The “Where is the ‘…for Palestine Refugees in the Near East’ Part of UNRWA’s Official Name” Scandal.

  1. munnemun says:

    Palestinians need to stop being so distracted by stupid conspiracy theories. The logo change amounted to fine print, and is not noticeable. Lay off the conspiracy theories, they will drive you crazy.

  2. […] Rumours circulated at the time that RWA was held hostage in darkened basement, until donors came up with additional funds to cover the Agency’s 2011 budget shortfall. When RWA was later released safe and unharmed, Hamas issued a formal statement condemning it all as an attempt to mislead public opinion. […]

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