Zoom In: Palestinian Refugees of 1948, Remembrances

Posted: April 2, 2011 by Rex Brynen in new publications, new research

The Institute for Historical Justice and Reconciliation has just published  Zoom In: Palestinian Refugees of 1948, Remembrances, a book  in which six Israeli and Palestinian scholars analyze university student comments to archival photographs. According to IHJR:

This innovative account of Palestinian and Israeli students encounters with their common past takes the reader on a unique visual and historical journey.

“Zoom in” touches upon topics such as the Nakba, loss of homeland, internally displaced people, remembrances, collective identity, victimization from historical, sociological and anthropological perspectives.

The book is  published in English/Arabic and Engish/Hebrew editions. To mark its, there will be a book-launching at the American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem on 4 April 2011, featuring two of the authors, Menachem Klein and Mahmoud Yazbak. Another of the coauthors, Ihab Saloul, will be speaking at the at the International Institute of Social Studies in The Hague on April 11. Further details can be found on the IHJR website above.

  1. shuka glotman says:

    How can you get a copy of zoom-In?

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