CFP: Challenges and Responses, Coping and Survival Strategies of Palestinians

Posted: February 15, 2011 by Rex Brynen in conferences

Center for the Study of Palestinian Society and Heritage

Sixth Annual Conference

call for papers

Challenges and Responses: Coping and Survival Strategies of Palestinians

The conditions which have prevailed in the Middle East, and among Palestinians in particular, during the last three decades since the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982, seem to have led to splintering and lack of communication and coordination among Palestinian communities around the world. As a result, different Palestinian communities have resorted to different coping methods and varying survival strategies in dealing with the unique problems and conditions each community faces. The strategies we are concerned with may be formal or informal, conscious or unconscious; any mental, behavioral, or attitudinal patterns detectable to the researcher.

We would like to have papers which address, at least, the following issues:

  • Defining the community: place, numbers, time of arrival, etc.
  • Problems that the community has faced during the last three decades.
  • Strategies used by the community to overcome these problems.
  • The degree of solidarity within the community and the coherence of the group’s identity.
  • The degree of commitment of the community to Palestinian identity and the Palestinian cause.
  • Contact and communication with the homeland.

We hope to have one such paper on each Palestinian community, throughout the world, especially the least known communities in Europe, South America, and Africa.

An abstract of 200 – 300 words should be received by April 30, 2011 accompanied by a brief account of previous work related to the subject. Selected candidates will be advised by May 20, 2011 to send their papers by September 30, 2011. The conference will be held at the Society of Inaash el-Usra, Al Bireh, Palestine, during the period 21-22 of October 2011.

The papers will be published later in a book to be edited by the staff of the Center.

Papers should be based on serious academic field and/or library research and should concentrate on the logic and the epistemology which lies behind the concerned strategies rather than on individuals and political groups active in implementation of such strategies.

Accommodation and meals will be covered.


Dr. Sharif Kanaana, Chairman, Planning committee
P.O. Box 3549 Al-Bireh


Tel.: 02-2401123
Telfax: 02-2401544

Web site:

(Posted on behalf of the conference organizers)

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