Posted: December 17, 2010 by Rex Brynen in new items and opinion pieces

FOFOGNET is Palestinian Refugee ResearchNet‘s pretty-much-daily email compendium of news on the Palestinian refugee question. While decidedly low tech (plain text, no attachments), it provides a useful way of keeping up on what is happening on the issue.

Subscriptions are free, but are limited to those with professional involvement in the issue (foreign ministries, aid agencies, other government departments, NGOs, refugee community organizations, UN and other international organizations, journalists, and academic researchers). If you wish to subscribe, drop us an email with a few lines of self-description. If you don’t qualify, you can still access the FOFOGNET archives online here.

PRRN also maintains a similar email list on Palestinian development issues in the West Bank and Gaza, PALDEV.

As for the name, it has its origins in the distant past of the multilateral component of the Middle East peace process, in the days of the old Refugee Working Group. The chair of the RWG was  known as the “gavel.” The group of Canadian diplomats who assisted was known as the “friends of the gavel.” The international group of researchers who sometimes provided policy advice were known as the “Friends Of the Friends Of the Gavel”—hence FOFOGNET.

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