The PRRN blog does stakeholder consultation

Posted: November 5, 2010 by Rex Brynen in feedback

The PRRN blog started as an effort to fill the gap between all of the semi-permanent academic research resources hosted on the Palestinian Refugee ResearchNet website, and the near-daily, comment-free news feed of the practitioner-oriented FOFOGNET email list. Since then, the blog has evolved in a certain direction, and we’ve received some excellent feedback, but I thought it might be useful to consult the wider readership.

So, in a spirit of stakeholder consultation, here is the first PRRN blog user survey. Feel free to select up to three options:

The poll is, of course, anonymous and voluntary. (Unless you work for PRM, in which case I’ll check up on you next time I’m in town, and whine endlessly if you never answered.)

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